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Bryson Company is an elite affiliation program established solely for active, reserve, or veteran U.S. Armed Force members, law enforcement, first responders, and EMT.  Membership into Bryson Company is free and entitles its members access to exclusive products and product pricing.  All verified members will immediately qualify to receive *10% online at

To register, please follow the instructions listed below:


Go to and select “Account” in the top header, then select “My Account”.  Enter a valid military or government email address and select CREATE AN ACCOUNT.


Provide your personal information, confirm your email address and create your password.  Select the box “Sign up for our newsletter!”  All other categories are optional.


Select the Customer Data Privacy box and click on REGISTER.  A confirmation email will be emailed to you shortly after.

If you have registered using your military or government email address, STOP here.  Your registration process is over.  You will receive a second email notifying you of your acceptance into the program.

If you did not register using your military or government email address, please complete step 4.


Once you have received your initial confirmation email, send us an email at and upload a current copy of your city, county, state, or federal identification card, both front and back.

Once we have verified your credentials you will receive a second email confirmation notifying you that your account has been upgraded amongst the elite.


Note:  All participants must sign up for our newsletter and maintain subscription throughout their membership in order to continue to receive the *10% off discount.  All memberships may be asked to verify their credentials annually in order to maintain the integrity of the Bryson Company Discount Program.  *The 10% off applies to all orders over $50.00.  This program may or may not be combined with the Price Match Program, and if so shall be at the sole discretion of the company.  Bryson Defense has the right to change, cancel and/or modify the terms and conditions of this program at any time and without notice.

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